Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel
Wiener Schnitzel, an authentic piece of Austria
A specialty that has stood the test of time. Schnitzel is a signature most representative of Austrian tradition, refined taste, culture, and passion. 
Simply, it is a high quality pounded meat coated with eggs and breadcrumbs, pan-friend to golden perfection. 
Curious to know more? Let’s go back in time
The exact details of the story have been a source of conflict between the Austrians and the Italians. A lot of linguists and historians have also questioned the real history of Wiener Schnitzel.
The most popular tale is that during a battle in the 19th century, a gourmand Austrian general came across the Italian dish cotoletta alla Milanese. As soon as the general made his way back home, he ordered his cooks to create their own version, and the Wiener schnitzel was born.
Even though a lot argue that the famous dish is mentioned in an Italian gastronomy book dating back from 1869, historians have found examples of breaded schnitzel in Austrian cookbooks a whole century earlier. 
Despite the never-ending debates, the Wiener Schnitzel’s origins lie in Vienna because of the laws and trademarks which were attributed during the early 20th century movement. 

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